While most sellers would just sit around and review products, we take pride in our live session, here at The Cap City, we like to see it as a "show" more than a platform to just sell.

Because like I always say, it's never about the product; its about crafting an emotional link that binds the seller, the product and the customer in a unique experience. Creating a connection that transcends from the seller to the product and resonates with the customer's emotions.

Although some may find our approach "cringey", singing for customers upon receiving an order but that's how one should differentiate themselves from a sea of sellers, no? You really only have a few seconds before someone swipes up and exits from your "store". And let's not forget, in the midst of selling, it's essential to remember there are real humans on the other side of the screen, watching and spending.

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While some may argue that 12 hours is nothing new, for us, it was a leap into uncharted territory. Doubt lingered, but we were determined not to look back as our usual shows last 2-3 hours so to entertain and engage, and sustain the same energy for 12 hours was our biggest challenge.

Crossing the finish line at midnight when the clock hits 12:00am brought my knees down to the floor and tears to my eyes. Throughout the marathon, we stayed oblivious to the sales numbers. If you know me, I am one who intentionally avoid tracking our sales in real time, I would always remind Liang and EeLynn (jie jie) to never update me during an event because for me, its's about delivering an outstanding show without letting the numbers influence my emotions or actions. I would always choose to immerse ourselves in the moment and deliver an exceptional show rather than keep looking back to check on the scoreboard. Little did we know, this day marked a milestone as we achieved the highest sales in a single day in our business's decade-long journey.

The joy of completion was sweet, but it was the encouragement, cheers, and even the surprise deliveries of food and drinks from our "TCC army" that fueled our spirits.

FYI, our team rallied together after receiving notice just days before the marathon. Preparation was intense, from planning releases to brainstorming ideas to keep viewers engaged. If you were in our live, you would also notice that we upped our production game with two cameras, but the technical challenges were a learning curve. Viewers witnessed our mistakes and our determination to fix them, especially if they tuned in during the early days of the week.

The emotional peak at the end wasn't just about personal achievement but the shared experience with our audience. It felt like they were there with us, witnessing our journey, flaws, and triumphs.


To everyone who cheered us on, sent us sustenance, and joined us in the marathon, thank you. Your support made the 12-hour adventure went a lot quicker and easier – it became a shared accomplishment and a testament to the strength of our community. And for that, I say "Kita gang, kita gang, kita gang gang gang!"